Save the Building

American Legion Memorial Home Association

Boat and Canoe Club

To: All Legionaries and Unit Members:

Our building has gone through an extensive engineering study due to the abnormal settling. Since that time a Building Committee was established about a year and half ago including members from every Post and Unit. The Building Committee's extensive work considered many options after many deliberations there was one option that was decided to be in the best interest of the Boat and Canoe Club.

The proposal is to shore-up the current building with one hundred and twelve (112) helical piers at a depth of forty-five (45) ft each to stabilize the structure for many years. The Club will be open during the process with some activities will be suspended for approximately 6 weeks.

This Proposal will cost four hundred sixty-eight thousand dollars ($468,000) so the American Legion Memorial Home Association (ALMHA) is appealing to all Legionaries and Unit members for your donations to the building fund to accomplish the task at hand. We understand that many of you responded to the 52 Club not long ago, building repairs such as two thousand one hundred ($2100) for the lift station repairs and a fifty thousand ($50,000) for sewer repair and upgrade to the men's bathroom.

We thank you for your past support and now we are reaching out once again for your financial help, the Posts and Units are looking at their financials to determine how much they can contribute to the Building Fund. Currently the Fund has twenty-one thousand {$21,000) in their account. The Posts and Units cannot do this project on their own, we need your help.

We are asking for support from all members to make this improvement possible.  This project is necessary to secure our future in our current home. Please consider giving a one time donation or a monthly donation of any amount it would be appreciated.  If you know people or companies`that would contribute, please talk to them, for information call Bob Chapin (402)-514-7248.  Many of us must take an annual mandatory withdrawal from our retirement accounts, we are non-profit, if you give from your account you avoid income taxes. Please call Jim Tomaszewski (616)643-8073) for the non-profit number.

Please make checks payable to ALMHA and send to:
401 N. Park St NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525

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It is important for our Veterans to have a safe building to meet or socialize with others and raise funds to help veterans and their families. Please look deep into your hearts to financially support this much needed endeavor. Thank you in advance for your willing participation. "SAVE OUR BUILDING"

American Legion Memorial Home Association President:
Bob Chapin