Show Me the Money Card Game by Post 356

2:00-4:30 PM Sundays

The game is open to those 18 years and older. American Legion membership is not required to play but you must be a member to purchase alcohol. Playing area consists of the ballroom, bar seating west of the host stand, and first two western tables in the bar area. Players that choose to move beyond these areas cannot win the game and forfeit any potential winnings.

How does it work?

Show Me The Money is a bingo type game using playing cards instead of standard bingo cards. Groups of three random playing cards are stapled together to be used in the game. Players can purchase one set or as many card sets as they wish, with each game being a separate buy in. Once all players have purchased the desired number of card sets, the game will begin. The caller will shuffle a full deck of cards and the dealer will ask those playing if anyone wishes to cut the deck, the dealer will begin calling the cards in their shuffle order beginning with the top card. When a player has all three cards in a stapled group, they will call SHOW ME THE MONEY. The winning cards will be verified and the winner winners paid half of the money collected for that game.

Show Me the Money has been operating on a weekly basis since August 2020. Thousands of dollars have been raised for various veteran causes.  $20,000 has been raised and pledged to the building fund.